As a full-service laboratory we calibrate and repair a broad spectrum of Test & Measurement Equipment including electrical, mechanical/dimensional, and process instruments. If you have questions pertaining to a particular instrument please contact our customer service department.

Yes, as an ISO 17025 accredited Laboratory we are able to provide  “Accredited” calibration and certification on a broad spectrum of equipment and instrumentation. Please review our ISO 17025 “Scope” of accreditation" to view measurement parameters within our capability.

To speak with a customer service representative dial (978) 750-4555 anytime between 8:30 AM and 5 PM eastern time. Additionally you can fax us at 978-774-0808 or e-mail us at sales@acculabcal.com.

We do not have a published list. However, simply call customer service and they will supply you with the pricing you need.

Standard calibration turnaround time is 5 to 10 working days. Naturally, high volume periods may affect that timetable. Prior to scheduling, you may call our customer service department for more information.

Yes, we do. With advance notice expedited (3 day) and/or emergency (overnight) calibrations may be requested. Please contact our customer service department for details.

Yes we do! With ACCULAB's CYBER CERT you can have paperless, PDF format certification documents and test data that are CFR 11 compliant. For details on this capability call our customer service department.

Absolutely! With ACCULAB's Metrology X-Plorer! This flexible, full- featured, web-based query tool allows you the ability to retrieve calibration system information and data in "Real Time." Contact our customer service department or click on the Metrology X-Plorer Database link for complete details.

Yes. Our customer service department will fax or e-mail a repair quotation after the unit has been evaluated.

Six months for electronic equipment; three months for mechanical equipment.

Throughout much of the northeast and for reasonable orders, ACCULAB provides pick up and delivery service. If you are outside our pick up area, or have a small order you wish to send, you may ship it to us by UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier. Call or e-mail our customer service department for shipping information.

Yes, we do. If you are located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire or southern Maine we offer pick up and delivery of “reasonable” quantities of equipment. If you are outside of New England, or have a small order you wish to send, you can ship it to us by UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier. Call or e-mail our customer service department to schedule a pick up or for shipping information.

Yes, we do. For most instrument types we maintain traceable standards that are field portable. In instances where calibration “down time” would negatively impact your productivity, our on-site calibration capability might be an attractive alternative.

No. You may send a list to us and we will determine if the equipment needs to be done at our facility or yours.

To set up an on-site calibration, contact our customer service department at (978) 750-4555.

On-site minimum orders are applicable based on 1/2 day (< 4 hours portal/portal) and full day (< 8 hours portal/portal) per technician. Minimum orders are based on grouped instruments by classification (electrical, mechanical, etc.) at quoted unit rates. As unit calibration rates are based on each customers specific instrument mix and quantity ("Volume Discounting") ACCULAB does not publish a standard price list. Simply call customer service to discuss your needs and discover how ACCULAB can save you money.

When scheduling on-site service we require a complete and accurate list of the equipment requiring calibration. Details should include equipment manufacturers’ names, model numbers, and instrument descriptions. This information will assist in ensuring that the correct personnel and the necessary standards and procedures are allocated for the job.

No RMA’s are required for laboratory service. We do require a purchase order number along with a contact name and telephone number.

We do require a purchase order number (or credit card number) to reference when scheduling an on-site calibration visit. For instruments that are picked up (or shipped to us), we require that a purchase order accompany your equipment (unless prior arrangements have been made).

Net 30 days. Any invoice not paid within 45 days may be subject to a finance charge. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are also accepted.

Most quality and regulatory requirements mandate “Before and After” Calibration Test Data.  Please discuss your specific documentation level needs with our customer service department when you set up your account.

If you lose a certificate of calibration, contact our customer service department and we will fax or mail a copy to you. With our “On-line” database you also have the ability to view and print a certificate right from your web browser.

No, we do not provide loaners or rent equipment. If you call our customer service department, they will be able to direct you to companies that do.

Once you have completed one full calibration cycle with ACCULAB all of your calibration system records–including “Calibration Due” reports–will be available to you at any time, in “Real Time,” through our Metrology X-plorer “On-line” database.

It is the customer’s responsibility to select calibration cycles for their equipment. Initial cycles are often based on the manufacturers’ recommendations. When evaluating and setting consecutive cycles factors, an instrument’s calibration history, usage, accuracy and sensitivity should be taken into consideration.

All ACCULAB calibration standards are traceable to the NIST, except where noted. Please keep in mind that in accordance with NCSLI Position Statement 96-1 "Test report numbers should not be used nor required as proof of the adequacy or traceability of a test or measurement." NIST, NVLAP, A2La and ACLASS have concurred with this position. NCSLI also notes that international standards ISO 900X, ISO Guide 25 (ISO/IEC 17025), ISO 10012 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 do not require the use or reporting of NIST test report numbers.

ACCULAB Measurement Standards Laboratory

Accredited to ISO 17025 for Competence, Capability & Quality!