Pick Up and Delivery

If your business is located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire or southern Maine chances are an ACCULAB pick-up / delivery van will be making stops in your vicinity.

Acculab‘s vans are specially outfitted to securely and safely transport your valuable equipment. As such, no special packaging is required on your part! Our well trained, professional, drivers will complete, sign and provide a copy of Acculab‘s itemized receiver listing each instrument (Mfr./Model/Serial Number) that will be returning to our Lab. While “Safety First” is our drivers cardinal rule you can rest easily in the knowledge that your instrumentation is fully insured while in Acculab‘s care.

  • For “reasonable” quantities of equipment Acculab provides this “value added”   service at no additional charge.

To schedule a pick up contact our customer service department at (978)750-4555.

For smaller orders we suggest SHIPPING TO ACCULAB

If you have a small order you wish to send, you can ship it to us by UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier.

Instruments being shipped to Acculab should be individually wrapped (we recommend bubble wrap) and placed in a sturdy [corrugated] cardboard box. To prevent shifting we suggest placing a minimum of 4 inches of dry packing material (Styrofoam peanuts, etc.) between your equipment and the containers four inner walls.

While Acculab does not require a return authorization number it is important that your shipment be accompanied by:

  • Your [signed] purchase order (Credit agreement required) or credit card number.
  • A contact name; address; telephone and fax number and where available e-mail   address.
  • A description of the service needed or, if repair is required, a brief description of   the problem(s) you are experiencing.

Ship instruments (freight pre-paid) to:

48 Dunham Ridge, Suite 1550
Beverly, MA 01915

Naturally, it is always advisable to contact our customer service department, prior to shipment, to discuss your specific needs.

Upon completion of services, instruments will be return shipped to you via UPS. Unless prior arrangements have been made, shipping and handling charges will apply to all return shipments.

ACCULAB Measurement Standards Laboratory

Accredited to ISO 17025 for Competence, Capability & Quality!